Gemstone Care

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Gemstone Care

In order to keep gems looking as vibrant and valuable as on the first day of purchase. it is important to keep in mind a few basic rules and follow some specific steps.

Since gemstones vary in durability, storing them next to each other may cause scratching and dullness to each other. Keeping jewelry in separate spaces or in separate bags of paper, silk, or velvet is an easy task that will ensure preserving lustrous and damage-free gems.

The temperature where gems are kept should be constant. Gemstones can crack from dramatic shifts in temperature. Also many colored gemstones may fade or discolor while in the sunlight. Make sure to keep certain jewelry away from the sun.

Check for gemstones before wearing your jewelry and always remove it when engaging in strenuous activities. Restring pearl or bead necklaces at least every two years (or every year if you wear them frequently).

gemstone care also includes  not wearing your jewelry if there is a risk of exposure to chemicals. For example, do not wear your jewelry during housecleaning or during activities such as swimming or showering. Chlorine will damage the gemstones and soap will leave the jewelry looking dull. In addition, the chemicals in cosmetics, hairspray, and/or perfume can damage gems, so make sure to wear necklaces or pendants only after such tasks.




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