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Today’s Moon Forecast

Moon in Libra

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Moon is traveling through beautiful Libra today. Make it a date night. Smile, it looks good on you.

and have fun while you get there.


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A little about me
Hi, my name is Louis. I am a loving father of three great children Naomi, Louie, and Madeline. I love the outdoors. I've been to Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada. and All over the USA, I'm fluent in Spanish, I am a Veteran, a Master Electrician by trade, diversified in telecommunications with two of my own companies, and Eleccom LLC. I created this site and my Elec/Com website myself and I am educating myself as a jeweler in gemology. I have learned to test, identify, and facet different gemstones. I've learned metalsmithing by forging, etching, riveting, soldering, patinating, polishing, electroplating, making Granules and wire wrapping with different metals. I welcome you to write down your interests, post pictures, art, jewelry, anything really. I have included some fun programing, games, pictures, and some of my interests. Hopefully we can all benefit from each other as we share, learn, make friends, solve problems, shop, or just have fun. I look forward to hearing from you. Look for me also on Pinterest, Facebook, Etsy, MySpace, Tweeter, and others. Feel free to contact me, I'm human, I have feelings, and yes I can give you a better deal .



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My Latest work

and here are a few pictures I found to inspire me to continue improving my jewelry making techniques. It is amazing how many artistic people are out there, Each with their own skills in all walks of life. If we could all just get along and not be so selfish to one another. What a wonderful world this could be. I hope somehow I was of some interest with something to someone somewhere on some day... Lou




This sessions theme:

wire wrapped and metalsmith hand made rings

by wrapping, forging, etching, riveting, soldering,

stone setting, patinating, and polishing.









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